Alexa Garcia, LMBT

A licensed massage therapist since 2010.  Growing up in a single parent home and oldest of 3 siblings this experience has given her the ability to listen and care for others well- being. 

Before finding herself as an LMBT, she worked as a certified medical assistant (CMA) in women’s health and prenatal care, where she was also able to serve as a Doula.

In addition, Alexa has her Associates Degree in Communication.

Her main goal as a therapist is to be able to help others reach their best physical and mental potential.

As an LMBT she focuses on customized massage including but not limited to, sports, deep tissue and prenatal with experience in many different modalities.

Alexa expresses the love for massage in her work. The best part, in her opinion, is making people feel and perform at their best!